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At The Village Dallas, we want to hire and nurture positively motivated, enthusiastic people in the best way to serve our residents and achieve our goals- and trust us, we have BIG goals!

The Village Dallas is a 307 acre residential apartment community with a mixed-use lifestyle project stocked full of good food, fun entertainment, and awesome people.

Ready to love where you work and be a part of something big? Let’s get started!

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Full Time Positions

Full Benefits

401K Matching

This is our bread and butter:

You’re Invited – We create a warm and inviting environment where all those who walk through our doors are welcome.

Stay Curious – We encourage all to keep learning and pushing to come up with new, unique ways to operate. Dream big – you never know where this adventure will take you. 

Come As You Are – We want you to be you, focusing on building trust by being transparent and authentic. Always.

Create Moments Of Joy – If you have an opportunity to make somebody smile, then, by all means, do so.

Walk The Talk Show integrity by doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking.

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5605 Village Glen Drive
Dallas, TX 75206